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Gunby: AiGx-5

About the Site:

A late Pickering village dated to 1300-1320 A.D. located on the Niagara escarpment. While ten longhouses were located, no middens were found and a palisade was not clearly defined.

At SA McMaster:

27 boxes of material. Artifacts are labelled by catalogue number, but a copy of catalogue has not yet been located. We need your help to find one - please contact us if you know where we might locate a copy.

Note all locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological sites.

Resources about this site:

Rozel, RJ (1979) The Gunby Site and Late Pickering Interactions. MA Thesis, McMaster University
Warrick, G (1978) An Analysis of the Faunal Remains of the Gunby Site (AiGx-5). Report on file at SA:McMaster

Site Name: Gunby



Borden Number:




Date Excavated:


Excavated By:

Paddy Reid/Bob Rozel