Uren: AfHd-3

Site Name:




Borden Number:



South Norwich

Date Excavated:


Excavated By:

Milton J. Wright

About the Site:

The Uren site (AfHd-3) is located just outside of Otterville, Ontario, in Norwich Township. The site was estimated to be 2.8 acres, located in cultivated farm land and bounded by a steep ravine. It has been identified as a Late Woodland site, ca. 830-650 BP.

Collecting and exploration of the Uren site began in the early 20th century, with recorded efforts by W.J. Wintemberg in the 1920s, and by J.V. Wright in 1966 and 1969, with J.E. Anderson. J.V. Wright suggested that the site was occupied by an amalgamated population, following the ‘conquest of the Glen Meyer peoples by the Pickering Branch Iroquois’ (Wright with Williams 1982). In 1977, M.J. Wright conducted systematic excavations at the village site targeting the longhouse structures to collect data to test this hypothesis of cultural change, social units, and composition.

At SA McMaster:

There are 24 boxes of material from the Uren Site, including lithics, faunal, ceramics, and botanical samples. These are well documented with detailed contextual information.

SA also houses an extensive collection of field notes, original catalogues, photographs, and early reports pertaining to the Uren Site, which are currently being digitised.

Note all locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological sites. 

Resources about this site:

 Dodd, C.F., D.R. Poulton, P.A. Lennox, D.G. Smith and G.A. Warrick (1990). The Middle Ontario Iroquoian Stage. In C.J. Ellis and N. Ferris (eds), The Archaeology of Southern Ontario to A.D. 1650, pp. 321-359. Occasional Publication of the London Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society, No. 5.

Wright, M.J. with J.H. Williams (1982). A Report on the Analysis of Fauna from Two Longhouses on the Uren Prehistoric Village Site. Report submitted to the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

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