Cleveland: AhHb-7

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Date Excavated:


Excavated By:

William C. Noble

About the Site:

The Cleveland Site (AhHb-7) was excavated in 1971 by William C. Noble, after amateur archaeologist Douglas Mannen did small excavations and surface collections. The four-acre site is located northeast of Brantford (Fairchild Creek, Brant County). As an early protohistoric Neutral Village, the Cleveland site represents a rare and valuable opportunity to examine Neutral culture, subsistence, and material culture circa 1540 A.D. (Prevec 1981). Evidence suggests that it was occupied year-round, and the material comes from house and midden features.

At SA McMaster:

Seventeen boxes of archaeological materials, including lithics, ceramics, faunal, cultigens, and trade goods. Some material has been catalogued and inventoried, with strong provenience information.

Note all locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological sites. 

Resources about this site:

Noble, William C. (1972) The Cleveland Neutral Village (AhHb-7): A Preliminary Statement.

Marchand, Elizabeth and Knutson, Irene (1972) Faunal Material of the Cleveland Site – A Preliminary Sample. University of Toronto Faunal Osteology Laboratory.

Prevec, Rosemary (1981) The Cleveland Site (AhHb-7) Faunal Report.


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if there was enough carbonized plant remains to do a littler report on to complement the archaeology. I would be willing to look at the material sometime. I examined the Hamilton Site material for Paul Lennox in the late 1970’s when Paul was a graduate student at McMaster.

    Rudy Fecteau (Greensville)

    • Hi Rudy,

      The plant remains are more limited than the rest of the assemblage but I can email you a list of what is in our catalogue if you are interested.

      Katherine Cook
      Operations Manager

  2. Hi Katherine,

    Please do at your convenience. I am still collecting data. Just finished archaeobotanical reports on a 19th Century Euro-Canadian site and a 15th century Huron/Wendat site. Keeping busy.


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