Middleport: AgHa-2

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Date Excavated:

early 20th century, onwards

Collections from:

Frank Wood and George Gee

About the Site:

The Middleport Site is a fourteenth-century Middle Ontario Iroquois site in Onondaga Township, Brant County. It was excavated and explored numerous times. In 1912, Sir Frances Knowles and F.W Waugh excavated an ossuary to the northeast of the site. In 1930, William J. Wintemberg, conducted a range of excavations in Waterloo and Brant counties, excavated eight trenches in the habitation area of the site, exposing defensive works parallel with the Grand River. It was further excavated in the 1980s as a salvage project.

At Sustainable Archaeology McMaster, our collections pertain to private collections, from small surface and subsurface collecting activities by Frank Wood and George Gee. Frank S. Wood, and his son Alfred E. Wood, collected more than 10, 000 specimens between 1890 and 1950, primarily in the vicinity of Hamilton (but also in the U.S.). George Gee was active in the middle of the twentieth century, particularly the 1960s.

At SA McMaster:

One box of artifacts including ceramic (mostly rim sherds, fewer body/neck/shoulder), lithic (mostly flaked tools, some groundstone tools and debitage), faunal (mostly worked, one small bag of fish bones/otoliths), and metal (copper and iron). All material is from the collections of Frank Wood and George Gee or is labelled only as Middleport. The artifacts from Frank Wood's collection are included in his catalogue.

Note all locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological sites. 

Resources about this site:

 Wintemberg, W.J. (1948). The Middleport Prehistoric Village Site. National Museum of Canada Bulletin N. 109. Anthropological Series No. 27. Ottawa, Canada.

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