Savage Site (AdHm-29)

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Excavated By:

Carl Murphy

About the Site:

The Savage Site (AdHm-29) is a small legacy collection from excavations of a Middle Ontario Iroquoian settlement dating to circa 1350 A.D., located northeast of Chatham, Ontario. The site contained one long house and one midden. The material was excavated by Carl Murphy in 1982, as part of his masters research at McMaster University.

Although the artifacts are in good condition, there are limited associated documents. We are actively seeking to fill in the blanks with this collection; it is truly an untapped resource that could be of value to contemporary archaeological research.

At SA McMaster:

Two boxes of faunal, ceramics and lithics material with little provenience information. 

Resources about this site: 

Fraser, Meredith (2001). Lengthy Longhouses, Eccentric Ceramics, and Other Quandaries: An Exploration of Identity at the Savage Site (AdHm-29). M.A. Thesis submitted to the Department of Anthropology, University of Western Ontario.

Marson, Alanna (2007) "Dolls, Demons, or Dice? An Inquiry of the Savage Site Figurines," Totem: The University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology: Vol. 15: Iss. 1, Article 6. Available at:

Murphy, Carl R. (1986). Dolls, demons, or dice: An introduction to the Savage Site figurines. In Studies in Southwestern Ontario Archaeology, ed. W.A. Fox, 38-43. London, Ontario: London Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society Inc.


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