Collins Site (AkGv-94)

Site Name:

Collins Site



Borden Number:




Date Excavated:


Excavated By:

William C. Noble

About the Site:

In 1982, William C. Noble directed short excavations of the Collins Site (AkGv-94) with students from McMaster University. The excavations targeted a house structure and two middens dating to the 13th-14th centuries A.D.

At SA McMaster:

Two boxes from the Collins Site are housed at Sustainable archaeology, including lithics, ceramics, metal, and faunal (worked and unworked) material from two middens and surface finds. Sustainable Archaeology also has access to Noble’s field notebook and radiocarbon dates for the site.
Note: All site locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological material

Resources about this site:

SA McMaster holds some of the original notes associated with this site.

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