Christianson Site (AiHa-2)

Site Name:




Borden Number:




Date Excavated:

1969, 1979

Excavated By:

William C. Noble, William R. Fitzgerald

About the Site:

The Christianson site is a Neutral village site dating to the 17th Century. The site was first excavated during two weekend tests in 1968 by Ian Kenyon and David Stothers (under Professor C.E. Stortroen’s direction), before further excavations were undertaken in 1969 by Dr. William C. Noble (with 10 McMaster students) and in 1979 by William R. Fitzgerald.

Noble’s 1969 excavation of the centre of the village produced the first historic Neutral house to be identified. Fitzgerald’s 1979 work focussed on settlement information, to confirm the presence of further Neutral longhouses and their structures, while increasing the artifact sample for analysis. Overall, seven houses were identified, along with at least four middens.

At SA McMaster:

The collections at SA McMaster include 18 boxes of faunal, ceramics, lithics, metal, glass, botanical remains, and soil samples, pertaining to the 1969 and 1979 excavations. Sustainable Archaeology also has access to original field notes (Noble) and research reports (Fitzgerald).

Note all locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological sites. 

Resources about this site:

Fitzgerald, William Richard (1981). Lest the Beaver Run Loose: The Early 17th Century Christianson Site and Trends in Historic Neutral Archaeology. MA Thesis submitted to McMaster University, 1981. Open Access Dissertations and Theses. Paper 5477.

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