Porteous: AgHb-1

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Excavated By:

Ian Kenyon, Bill Noble

About the Site:

The Porteous Site is located southeast of Brantford, Ontario, which eventually became the city dump. Following concerns about the long-term preservation of the site due to dumping activities, it was excavated in October 1969 by Ian Kenyon, Bill Noble and 48 students from McMaster University. They uncovered two longhouses dating to c. 700 AD, collecting ceramics, lithics and other archaeological materials.

A more substantial excavation was undertaken the following year involving David Stothers, Scott Horvath, Thor Conway, and Bill Fox and continued in 1971, after which the site was indeed lost to the landfill.

At SA McMaster:

Two boxes of material are held at Sustainable Archaeology, including ceramics, faunal, and lithic material, originating from the 1969 excavations. Some proveniencing information is included, alongside some field documentation.

Note all locations are approximate and do not represent actual archaeological sites. 

Resources about this site:

Noble, W.C. and I.T. Kenyon (1972). Porteous (AgHb-2): a Probably Early Glen Meyer Village in Brant County, Ontario. Ontario Archaeology 19:11-18.

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