Catalogues and Context – the Gunby Site (AiGx-5)

As we mentioned in our post on the Hicks Site, we will occasionally be reaching out to ask for assistance in identifying or clarifying site provenience. Today’s post is slightly different. We know when and where the Gunby Site was excavated but do not have associated records to accompany the 27 boxes of material from the site that are stored at SA McMaster.

When the Gunby site was excavated by a team of McMaster archaeologists in 1977, artifacts were labelled with the site’s borden number as well as their catalogue number. We have searched high and low but have yet to find a copy of the catalogue.

Without the catalogue, we have no way of knowing where artifacts were found within the site (e.g. house, midden, or feature) or how most artifacts were identified by archaeologists in the field or lab. Also, while not the primary concern, the thought of the effort and time that went into cataloguing the material in 1977 provides additional motivation to locate original records.

While not all research or interest in archaeological material requires detailed information on the spatial context of each artifact, we would like to be able to provide it to those who are interested. If you have any records relating to the Gunby site or suggestions for someone we should reach out to, please contact us.

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