Slack-Caswell: AfHa-1

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Susan Jamieson, Bill Fox

About the Site:

The Slack-Caswell site (AfHa-1), located in a wooded plateau near Rockford, Ontario, was excavated in 1971 following small test excavations that identified a concentration of artifacts. Excavations uncovered a longhouse and two midden deposits, dating to circa 1380 AD., as well as Early Archaic through to historic material culture.

Unfortunately, a modern borrow pit cut through the eastern end of the longhouse structure and some of the midden deposits. Nevertheless, intensive excavations and surface collections resulted in a small collection of artifacts and interpretations that the site was “a small, specialized hamlet oriented to quarrying and lithic reduction activities” (Jamieson 1986: 35).

At SA McMaster:

Three boxes of material including ceramics (body, neck, and rim sherds), lithics (cores, bifaces, retouched flakes, percussion flakes, flat flakes, and block flakes), faunal artifacts (very fragmentary; some calcined and burnt; some worked), and several bags of mixed material.

Resources about this site:

Ambrose, M.T. (1979). Faunal Analysis of the Slack-Caswell Site, Ontario. Unpublished manuscript.

Jamieson, S.M. (1979). The Slack-Caswell Quarry and Workshop (AfHa-1): Some Organisational Implications. Manuscript on file at the Ontario Heritage Foundation, Toronto.

Jamieson, S.M. (1986). Late Middleport Catchment Areas and the Slack-Caswell Example. Ontario Archaeology 45: 27-38

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