Nedelko-Orct: AhHa-20

Site Name: Nedelko-Orct County: Wentworth Borden Number: AhHa-20 Township: Beverly Date Excavated: 1971 Excavated By: Ian Kenyon About the Site: The Nedelko-Orct site is registered by the city of Hamilton as a Woodland Neutral Iroquois village. Artifacts are labelled by square number and some are labelled “NED” while others “NAD” suggesting a possible alternate spelling […]

Cranberry Creek AfGv-62

Site Name: Cranberry Creek Township: Moulton Borden Number: AfGv-62 County: Haldimand Date Excavated: 1974 Excavated By: Paul Lennox and David Sothers About the Site: The Cranberry Creek Site (AfGv-62) was excavated in 1974 by Paul Lennox and David Stothers with a crew of McMaster students. Located in Haldimand County, this site has been dated to […]

Catalogues and Context – the Gunby Site (AiGx-5)

As we mentioned in our post on the Hicks Site, we will occasionally be reaching out to ask for assistance in identifying or clarifying site provenience. Today’s post is slightly different. We know when and where the Gunby Site was excavated but do not have associated records to accompany the 27 boxes of material from […]

Artifact Imaging: Z-Stacking a Scraper

Part of our work at SA McMaster is to explore artifact material and manufacture technique using our Zeiss AxioZoom high resolution microscope. Occasionally we will be posting photographs to highlight a range of artifacts and the imaging techniques we use to capture them in detail. First up, we have a scraper from the Sealey Site. […]

Day of Archaeology 2015

To our delight, Sustainable Archaeology McMaster recently participated in our first Day of Archaeology. Our post covers a bit of everything, outlining the purpose of the initiative as well as some of our ongoing projects and what our daily tasks consist of. We would like to give a big thanks to the organizers of this […]

Mystery Box #1: the Hicks Site

As we mentioned in our first post, the Sustainable Archaeology McMaster team spends a lot of time trying to sort out the provenience and excavation details of the collections in our care. To try and help solve these mysteries, we’ll be posting about some of the more bemusing cases from time to time, asking readers […]

Hicks Site

Site Name: Hicks Site County: Unknown Borden Number: Unknown Township: Unknown Date Excavated: 1970 Excavated By: Alex Hicks About the Site:Discovered in the box for another site, the Hicks artifacts in Sustainable Archaeology’s collection represent a mystery. As with many legacy collections, only very limited provenience information is available about this site and its artifacts. […]

Brodie Site (AfHi-19)

Site Name: Brodie Site County: Middlesex Borden Number: AfHi-19 Township: Delaware Date Excavated: 1973-1977 Excavated By: Brian Deller, D. Kelly, S. Couper, A. MacDonald, S. Pratt, Pamela McTaggart About the Site:Also known as the Browdie, Brody, or Delaware site, this site is located on the Thames River flood plain near Delaware, Ontario. The material from […]

Ludlow-Vanderlip Site (AgHa-8)

Site Name: Ludlow-Vanderlip Site County: Brant Borden Number: AgHa-8 Township: Brantford Date Excavated: 1971-1972 Excavated By: Ian Kenyon, William Fox About the Site:Located just over 1km south of the Sealey site, Ludlow-Vanderlip is a small hamlet site, on a plateau south of Big Creek.  At SA McMaster:One box of material including faunal and ceramic assemblages […]

Parsons Site (AkGv-8)

Site Name: Parsons Site County: York County Borden Number: AkGv-8 Township: Vaughan Date Excavated: 1954 Excavated By: J. Norman Emerson About the Site: First excavated in 1952 by J.N. Emerson, Parsons is a Late Iroquoian village site, thought to be the result of an amalgamation of two or more earlier communities. Considered to be one […]

G. Gee collection, no catalogue number, provenience unknown

Sealey Site (AgHa-4)

Site Name: Sealey Site County: Brant County Borden Number: AgHa-4 Township: Brantford Date Excavated: 1930s-1960s (looted) Excavated By: Unknown About the Site: The Sealey village was the site of severe, consistent looting from as early as the 1800s. It was revisited by archaeologists in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, including Bill Fox, to survey […]

The Archaeology of Archaeology

If there’s one thing archaeologists are good at, it’s gleaning as much knowledge as possible from the tiniest scraps of information. Today, archaeologists make a point of festooning their collections with all of this hard won data so that future generations won’t have to – er – dig for it quite as vigorously as they […]

Artifact Template

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